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We have been REVIEWED! :)

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Pre-order & Ready Stock Accessories


Available in Pink and Purple

*Personally love this ring as the quality is Grade A. Adjustable and cute!*



Cotton Candy on Your Fingers

*Personal favorite, quality Grade A and so adorable!*


Ready Stock x2


Bubblegum Pink Rocker

*Pair it with a jeans and a plain t-shirt for a girlish punk feel*


Ready Stock x1

Buttercup Sweetness 
*I thought it was one of the big pendant kind but it wasn’t.
Not so big, just the right size for girls who prefer not so loud pieces but sweet ones ♥ *
Vintage Saloon Inspired
*Serious Grade A quality, I myself was personally satisfied with it ♥ *
Fly Me Away
*Thumbs up for this beautiful piece, have 2 satisfied customers which are now proud owners of this necklace ♥
The length is just nice if you are wearing a headscarf*

Truly Ais Kacang
*It’s a stretchable charm bracelet, so anyone can wear it!*
Chanel Inspired
Available in White and Black
Rectangular Antique 
*Not adjustable, ♥ ♥ ♥  this!*
*Quality Grade A and love this piece! ♥ *
Earring  Stoppers
*Have earrings that is kept aside simple because one side of the stopper is missing?
Fret not, we face the same problem too.
And now is the time to end it!*
RM2 for 20 pieces (10 pairs)
Ready Stock

-Handmade- Cleopatra Will Be Jealous

Patterned Charms

Round Studded Charms

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Who says you can’t be elegant in gold and chunkiness?

Yes, Cleopatra will be jealous at you for having these pieces of beauties

There are 11 charms for you to choose from 😉

Do take note that its heavy but not THAT heavy.

All these charms are unique and it isn’t available anywhere now.

So grab these unique bracelets now, like now.

Price :

Patterned Charms  RM 15 each, except the small blue heart which is RM8

Round Studded Charms  RM 12

Bracelet Chain  RM 10

-Handmade- Charmed

Customized Charm Bracelet

Key of Freedom






Key to Love









Heart Locket

 Available x2

RM10 each

Bracelet Chain – RM10

Okay, here is how it works.

I can customize to how you like it.

1. Just pick a charm you like may it be one or a few.

2. Let me know the measurement for your wrist or your friend’s.

3. Let me know your favourite color.

4. I will quote you the price and we are done 🙂

Give me 2 days to get it all fixed up and you can bring it home  ♥

This is what I have done for my sister as a gift 🙂

-Handmade- Evil Queen & Snow White

Evil Queen & Snow White

 -These are my designs too, so only one available each designs-

Evil Queen – RM13 (Available)

Snow White – RM 10 (Available)